WE KNOW as followers of Christ, everything we do represents God. Our words, actions, and even appearance are all ways we can illustrate and spread the message of the Gospel to those around us. 

WE REALIZE that sometimes it can be easy to be unintentional when it comes to our duties as followers. However, Jesus calls us to be intentional. In the Great Commission, he gives us the mission to go into the world and create disciples. Those seeds can be planted simply from conversations.

WE UNDERSTAND This seems daunting in this current era of culture. Christians are labeled as old-school, entitled people who just want to be right, and God is portrayed as a vengeful fairytale being. 

HOWEVER, with 7th Trumpet Streetwear, we feel called to assist the movement to reach the masses before the 7th trumpet blows and Jesus returns to Earth. The first step in making a change is building meaningful, personal connections. By starting conversations with our unique faith-based apparel, we want to help create opportunities for the Lord to continue to work in and through all of his children. When you wear a piece of our apparel, it is a public, eye-catching profession of your faith to everyone you encounter. 

7th Trumpet Streetwear was started using the gifts that God has given us to spread his word and love, and we pray that we can equip you to do the same!